Across Borders

Across Borders is an exhibition, an online shop and a set of conferences organized by Mayúscula, originally celebrated under the frame of the Barcelona Design Week 2017. The concept is based on design as a tool to break down borders and transform society for the better, exploring the boundaries of the world we live in though design and visual communication.

A participatory and co-creative process

This project – a cross-cultural and multilingual dialogue among 16 designers of different origins — aims to stir thoughts on the individual versus the collective, local versus global, coexistence among people, the dialogue between styles, alphabets, countries of birth, and the immense problem of immigration and displaced people, relocation and further adaptation.

Their creative work has the intention of celebrating miscegenation by showing the strength of fusion and transformation of ideas, demonstrating their commitment to those who seek to integrate into other cultures, refugees.

Design that break borders

Mayúscula invited 16 design studios and graphic artists to donate a black ink artwork with the theme “Design that breaks borders”, which were later overlayed with color in a cross-cultural limited edition silkscreen print. It is surprising the complementarity of some posters, which seem to have been thought out together.

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