About us

We are a Barcelona based branding and design studio, focused on the creation of global and multilingual brands for start-ups, established companies and creative agencies in need of a partner. We help our customers tear down the barriers to their competitiveness, whether expanding their business to emerging markets in Asia and Middle East, or penetrating in developed markets like Europe.

We celebrate the coexistence of diverse cultures, helping our clients create consistent global brands that connect with the local environment. We explore multilingual visual communication with graphic sensitivity where translators fail. We are passionate about different alphabets, and a number of our projects are designed in Arabic, Chinese, and Cyrillic.

In Spanish, the word mayúscula refers to an uppercase character used to start a sentence or signal an idea. Mayúscula is a metaphor for our leitmotif, describing excellent brands that use creativity as a strategic tool to grow, stand out and make a positive impact on their environments.

Mayúscula’s cross-cultural approach is reflected in its creative team. We build a bespoke international network of expert collaborators to meet the unique needs of each project.

Creating Consistent Global Brands

We celebrate the coexistence of diverse cultures, helping our clients create consistent global brands that connect with the local environment. We explore multilingual visual communication with graphic sensitivity where translators fail. We are passionate about different alphabets, and a number of our projects are designed in Arabic, Chinese and Cyrillic.

Sharing Knowledge

Our mission of helping brands go further, takes us to participate in events and educational programs giving lectures and master classes on topics ranging from global branding, multilingual design, internationalization, localization, transcreation or visual identity.


E Awards

Dubai Lynx Awards Bronze award. Visual identity for Zeri Crafts, 2013.

Laus Awards Bronze award. Logo design for Foresight, 2016. Bronze award. Poster design for Fedrigoni, 2015. Bronze award. Visual identity for Zeri Crafts, 2013. Bronze award. Wordmark for Zeri Crafts, 2013. Bronze award. Wordmark for Innergy, 2013. Bronze award. Naming for Mayúscula, 2013. Gold award. Wordmark for Matias Nadal, 2011. Bronze award. Visual identity for PanPan, 2010.

D&AD Awards Bronze award. Wordmark for Matias Nadal, 2012.

Monocle Retail Stars PanPan selected in best 25 international business of 2010.

U Exhibitions

Across Borders. An exhibition, a pop-up store and a set of short conferences. Barcelona, Spain, 2017.

OFFF Festival. Creativity & Multimedia festival. Barcelona, Spain, 2017.

Ing Creatives. Market. Dubai, 2016.

Good Paper Chain by Fedrigoni. Barcelona, Madrid & Portugal, 2014.

The Best Design of the Year, ADGFAD. Barcelona, 2014.

BCN-MCR. Manchester, UK, 2013

Art Of The Grand Depart - Yorkshire in Yellow. Sheffield Millennium Galleries, Sheffield, UK, 2013.

Laus Awards. ADGFAD, Barcelona, 2012.

Laus Awards. ADGFAD, Barcelona, 2010.

Cartográfica, Madrid diseña. Matadero, Madrid, 2010.

D Lectures

Across Borders. International collective exhibition. Roc 35, Barcelona, Spain, 2017.

OFFF Festival. Creativity & Multimedia festival. Barcelona, Spain, 2017.

Blanc Festival. Barcelona, Spain, 2016.

Serifalaris. Graphic design festival. Getxo, Spain, 2015.

Tinglaos de Grafismo. Seeway, School of Design, Technology & Digital Communication. Barcelona, Spain, 2014.

BCN-MCR. Manchester, UK, 2013.

Poñer cousas en orde. La Normal, Galicia, Spain, 2010.

S Juries

ADC*E Awards. Graphic Design Jury, 2014.

IDEP, School of Design and Multimedia. Graphic Design Degree Jury, 2014.

The Laus Awards. Graphic Design Jury, 2013.

N Teaching

Elisava, School of Design and Engyneering. Master´s Degree in Branding, 2015. Design Management. Masterclass, 2015. Management of brands, 2015. Master's Degree in Commercial Space Design: Retail Design, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

IED, Istituto Europeo di Design. Barcelona, Spain, 2015—2017.

Seeway, School of Design, Technology & Digital Communication Barcelona, Spain , 2012—2016.

H Publications

Interview: Rocío Martinavarro. Kalimat magazine, 2016. Top Graphic Design Series 3: Brand, Hightone Publishing Limited, 2015.UC. Quarterly - Q1, UnderConsideration, 2014.Laus: Your weight in gold. Penguin Random House, 2014.BranD Magazine. Sendpoints Publishing, 2013.Pack your life 2. ArtPower International, 2013.El Publicista, Num 292, 2013.Way of the Sign III. Artpower International, 2013.Creative Review, February 2013.Introducing: Visual Identities for Small Businesses. Gestalten, 2012.Designlicious: Gastronomy by design. Basheer Graphic Books, 2012Logo Book. Index Book, 2012.Gallery Magazine. Vol. 18, 2012.Infinite Pattern. Sandu Publishing, 2012.Laus: The Book Of Envy, Gustavo Gili, 2012.Brand Catering. Sendpoints , 2012.Hello, Mr. Package. Sendpoints , 2012.RELOGO: Re-Desiging the Brand. Sandu Publishing, 2012.Playfull Patterns. Sendpoints Publishing, 2012.Yearbook of the world’s top packaging. IDN Books, 2012.D&AD 2011.Taschen, 2011.Levante. Respect to the environment in a honest project, 2011.Valencia City Guide. CDICV, 2011.Kochen Magazine. Germany, 2011.SELECT J, Graphic Design from Spain. Index Book, 2011.Vivid! The Allure of Color in Graphic Design. Sandu Publishing, 2010.Monocle Retail Stars, Monocle Magazine Issue 32, 2010.Gallery Magazine. Vol. 07, 2010.Design 360 Magazine. Brave New Spain Nº 27, 2010.

“Mayúscula has developed a methodology and guidebook to create a better brand. Awesome work!”.

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