Formula 1 European Grand Prix in Baku

Mayúscula was responsible for the design of the urban temporary wayfinding and signage program for Baku City Circuit, Formula 1 European Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The main challenge was to understand the needs, sketch the basic design, study and define the graphic and the industrial solutions and create the complete wayfinding program in a short time, leaving enough time for the manufacture and the installation by a local company.

The result was a clean and bilingual wayfinding system, made in collaboration with Signes, with the design of the icons and pictograms of the locations, recognizable to all audiences and inspired by the shapes of the Baku mosques.

Mayúscula has become an important design partner for Signes. We hightlight their experience and contribution in multilingual projects, which are always a great challenge in wayfinding programs, from the conceptual design to the final artworks. They are a professional team with whom we have been able to tackle major international projects.

Manel García. General Manager.