Ceramic line for Kuwaiti lifestyle brand

Zeri Crafts is a concept brand from Kuwait selling textiles and homewares, branded by Mayúscula.

In one of Zeri Crafts’ assignments, the development of a ceramics line, Mayúscula proposed a design aligned with the visual identity, presenting gold motifs inspired by Sadu Bedouin weawing in a new delicate way, as in weaved with zeri thread. The modularity of the elements is constructed with half-square triangles, from the Z of the symbols to all the patterns.

The collection design for Zeri Crafts aims to modernize Khaleej’s crafts heritage through a contemporary design of each ceramic piece and also by the design of the elegant decorations apply to them.

In the Gulf hospitality is an art form and a fundamental part of the cultural heritage. They always like to welcome guests with a beautiful table and the qahwa and istikana cups are a symbol of hospitality in the Middle East, used for traditional coffee and tea. The ergonomic design allows the user to hold the cup easily, fitting perfectly in the cup of the hands.

All these items can be bought directly through Zeri Crafts.