Communication in the supermarket point of sale

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العثور على المسار, طبعة

OBBIO’s organic supermarket from Barcelona, with more than 5000 references and 800 sqm, needed to organize the brand’s image in their store. OBBIO asked us to redesign their front store to gain more visibility, as well as design their communication and promotional campaigns in the point of sale so they could execute them in an autonomous way, without an internal design team. Mayúscula saw the opportunity of enhancing the quality of the shopping experience by devising a visual system that not only communicated offers, highlighted products or discounts, but also added value by helping customers understand the benefits, origins and possibilities of the organic products, sometimes unknown to them.

We started the project with a workshop to analyze the market, the brand’s personality, the positioning, the competition’s strengths, the possible opportunities, and set the real expectations of the project. This gave us the perfect brief to start with, plus engaged the key stakeholders in the project.

In regards to promotions, Mayúscula first standarized formats and designed a wood frame inspired by OBBIO’s boxed visual identity. These frames allowed the supermarket to print simple information internally, while displaying it in a very qualitative way. The flexibility of the system was key in the project’s success, since it makes possible to add promotions and other information in supermarket shelves, regardless of their size and possition. Wether it’s a hanging poster, a price tag in the grocery section, a videowall to tells stories of the origins of the products, or a sign stating the WC is out of service, the POS system we designed gave a high quality and homogeneous image throughout the store.