My Cycle, a Kuwaiti creative brand

My Cycle is a creative concept brand and e-commerce from Kuwait who finds beautiful, vintage and abandoned objects with a past and gives them a future. They are craftsmen of memories and believers in sustainability. Their product range includes limited-edition pieces (short series of jewellery, stationary items, accessories and homewares), furniture (sustainable recycled designs for retail spaces, bespoke furniture and products for interiors), and handmade antiques (a new look and artistic touch to memorable objects from the past, that deserve to still be part of our lives).

For MyCycle, after a portfolio review and consultancy services, we developed a new visual and verbal identity. We created a baseline to give additional information about what they do, as My Cycle name is not indicative of the sector they operate in. Furthermore, we wrote all the texts for their new website, helping the company tell their story, philosophy, origins and objectives in a much more emotional, professional and engaging way. The logotype features a monolinear geometric and stencil custom lettering, both in English and Arabic. Some characters, like the M, E and L, were made rounded to form a unified wordmark. The typographic pattern created forms a continuos cycle of words, reminding that objects can be given a second chance and that the cycle of sustainability is continuos.

This project was part of Creacities, a set of programs for professional creatives that provide an opportunity to explore, connect and interact with the creative ecosystem of the world’s most dynamic cities. Mayúscula is the branding expert for the Barcelona programs, providing face-to-face interaction (workshops, talks and portfolio reviews), personalized online consultancy, and on-demand, tailor-made capsules (branding and design projects to boost the participant’s businesses). Our mission is helping the participants develop a focused creative strategy and a stronger identity in order to achieve their business goals and overcome the creative industry challenges. Check out the Creacities project here.