Exporting Catalan products to Taiwan

Olivella is a Spanish company with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, processing and packaging different kinds of lard products. In 2014 a food crisis in Taiwan gave Greixos Olivella an opportunity to expand their business: the country struggled to control a food scare caused by 645 tons of adulterated cooking oil produced by a local company.

Olivella trusted Mayúscula to develop their low budget bilingual packaging, due to closeness (we are both in Barcelona), experience in the Asian market and cultural working standards. The challenge was to penetrate in the Asian market and position the Spanish lard into this new territory, having in consideration its cultural nuances. Values of trust, tradition and high quality had to be communicated by the packaging, assuring their distributors in Taiwan could believe their product was the best in the market.

The visuals
The visual elements of the label include ornaments inspired by oil drops and curly pig tails – connecting to the business core. The background was composed by an engraved illustration. In this way the tradition and the experience are emphasized, and the product adquires a greater value and quality. The line style and typography reinforce the Asian heritage, creating a direct a link to the audience.

The verbal identity
We developed naming alternatives for their existing brand, which had some negative connotations in Chinese slang, and we aligned it to their reality: being the best Spanish lard exported to the Taiwainese market. The information hierarchy in the packaging was also reorganized, developing a product name rather than highlighting the brand name only, as they previously had. We created additional messages, such as the brand claim ”Purity. Mildness. Tradition.” (purity and mildness in flavour are key to the having the highest grade of lard), and their 25 years of experience (since 1990) and English wording to make reference to European product (and their standards).