Rethinking a spiritual brand

Paramita is an international collective of Buddhist groups dedicated to promote the Buddhist teachings and philosophy to the general public.

Mayúscula was asked to rethink the existing brand architecture, refresh the logos of the brand and produce the print and digital communication material.

After analyzing the current situation of the brand architecture Mayúscula first worked on organizing and cleaning the brand portfolio for Sakya Foundation, Paramita and its derivatives. The architecture was restructured with the intention of facilitating the creation of new groups, buddhist centers and foundations in their international expansion.

In regards to the visual identity, we redesigned their logos by simplifying and refreshing fonts, colors and symbols. We needed to be faithful to Sakya Buddhist tradition and the existing symbol of Paramita, which we redrew to add functionality. We worked on subtle typographic details such as ligatures to create beautiful bespoke wordmarks that are also functional. For example, the ligature in Paramita, along with a slightly condensed font allow us to make the brand name shorter and add dynamism to a word that has 3 a’s.

We carefully selected a display serif font with an ultra-modern appearance and a lot of contrast, able to work well in traditional religious settings but also engage a contemporary spiritual audience. We opted for a font that worked seamlessly in multilingual settings, thus the brand can now express itself in Western Latin alphabets as well as Hindi, Marathi, and Sanskrit with their Devanagari font version. This proved important when the brand’s editorial needed to transliterate sanskrit religious texts in AITS (International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration).

Mayúscula centralized the design visual system for their Alicante head center and designed templates so that Paramita’s international groups could develop marketing and communication materials independently. Business cards, brochures, newsletters, social media, posters or video templates were created to ensure the control of Paramita’s corporate look while offering the necessary tools and freedom for their collaborators to grow.