Rocío Martinavarro founder of Mayúscula interviewed by Gràffica magazine

Cross-cultural design, Global branding

In issue 15 of the magazine Gràffica Software, we speak with Rocío Martinavarro, Mayúscula’s founder, about the importance of digital tools in the international design field. Due to their extensive portfolio of international clients, they use a variety of digital tools that depend, in large part, on the country they work with. And this also implies an extra challenge.

Throughout his 20-year career, she has worked on projects such as the tourist signage of Azerbaijan or the Baku City Circuit of Formula1, and designed for clients such as RTVE, Carolina Herrera, Agility Logistics, Qatar Rail, the government of Kuwait or The World Bank Group, among others.

«We have been working with foreign clients for more than ten years. In fact, most of our turnover comes from business outside of Spain. We have projects in Kuwait, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates or China … and some of these countries have their own laws regarding technology. For example, in China they do not have access to Facebook, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp … and in the United Arab Emirates using Skype is forbidden. That means we must look for alternatives to communicate […]»

You can find the full interview to Rocío Martinavarro in number 15 of Gràffica magazine.