Editorial project for Agility Connects

Agility Connects is an industry-leading customer portal that helps the world’s biggest businesses optimize complex supply chains and gives small businesses access to technology that helps them grow.

We were asked to design a brochure that meant to be a detailed information and sales tool for Agility’s team. The cover, with a 2D illustration, aim to show Agility Connects as a digital, technological and innovation center, for the logistic supply chain.

Connectivity and technology. We materialize the concepts by showing a tablet from which all kind of transportation comes out in a very dynamic way, symbolizing speed, delivery on time, efficiency… The cover illustration was made in collaboration with Ricardo Jorge.

The inside content is divided in four groups that represents the characteristics and benefits of Agility Connects. To exemplify them we decided to create 3D scenes made in Cinema 4D to recreate each concept. The main idea was to create a building or structure with the initial letter of the concept with characters and different elements that interact with the scene.

Visibility concept: the illustration portrays the letter “V” as a touchable screen where a character (the customer) is working and supervising the supply chain in Agility’s dashboard (customer portal, Agility mobile App). Different elements that describe the supply chain are placed around the screen and are connected with doted lines in order to show the live tracking and status via browser or mobile app, on line booking, shipment status and alerts. 

Integration concept: the illustration depicts the letter “I” as a main center, like a huge mother board where the characters interact and work to connect both sides of the system. Two devices are directly connected to it in order to show the data exchange between both of them.

Collaboration concept: The illustration represents the letter “C” as a control tower. The idea is to portray an integrated structure where you can see the the different partners interlaced and interacting (management, warehouse, inventories and control operation). The letter transforms itself in a building with different levels and situations.