Wood for Life, rebranding the identity of Liken a sustainable furniture company

Mayúscula crafted the transmedia brand and communication strategy for Liken, a furniture a company in Barcelona that designs and produce sustainable pieces designed to last for a lifetime. 

We developed the verbal identity of the company, the tone of voice, claim and main messages to enhance an emotional connection, maintain the focus of the brand, bolster its identity and express its intrinsic values. Furthermore, we also defined the brand personality by designing their logo, visual system, icons and color palette which were then applied to different digital and off-line materials such as business cards, catalogs, social media and website with e-commerce and blog. 

The main brand concepts to build Liken’s identity were:

— Symbiosis: association of two different elements, collaborative spirit, family and ecosystem.

— Geometry and modularity: simple, basic geometric shapes, a reference to Liken’s furniture with sober lines, simple geometries and free of ornament. Functionality and beautiful design. Composition through geometric shapes, modularity and rhythm.

— Nature: Nature as the origin and source of inspiration for every piece. High-quality, solid, durable material that can be passed on from generation to generation with a total respect for the environment.

With these ideas as a starting point, we created a modular logo with simple, basic geometric shapes that refer both, to nature and to the style of Liken’s furniture which are made with sober lines and simple geometries. 

Through the solid geometric shapes, we represented the main material used to make the furniture, the trunk of a tree, a section, or a smaller piece of wood. These solid forms reflects the high-quality, and durable pieces conceive to be passed on from generation to generation.

Special attention was paid to create a logo that could be beautifully implemented in their products by laser or staining.

The communication strategy focused was a transmedia strategy that included actions, ideas and collaborations to implement digitally and physically in their new showroom.