DURAR: Innovation and cultural heritage

DURAR is an international event that aims to foster innovation and creativity in cultural heritage. The goal of this contemporary platform is to portray cultural heritage as an investment opportunity for cities that leads to economic growth.

By joining the most creative minds from different sectors such as design, crafts, music, gastronomy, fashion, illustration, DURAR shares their stories and how their work is contributing to shaping the cultural brand and identity of the city.

Mayúscula designed a solid brand identity by mixing tradition and contemporaneity. We represented this symbiosis with a stencil symbol, formed by the combination of a serif D stem standing for heritage, and a sans-serif D bowl, representing innovation. We redesigned a custom, simple and geometric stencil wordmark, coherent with the symbol and adding personality, pregnancy and continuity with the previous Brand design.

DURAR programs different activities, such as seminars, workshops, exhibitions and round tables, and collaborates with a variety of artists and artisans from different countries. They guide this process of knowledge exchange, skills development and industry advocacy. Mayúscula developed a flexible brand personality that adapts to all activities DURAR programs. The visual system expands easily to multiple online formats and social media applications, and performs perfectly in a wide variety of multilingual and bi-scriptual environments.