A warm welcome from OBBIO, an organic supermarket

After creating successfully the identity of this premium organic store and cafeteria in Barcelona, ​​Mayúscula was commissioned to design the welcome manual for employees.

Under the concept “we are what we contribute” this book explores the corporate values, mission, labor and safety information and benefits for the workers. Mayúscula proposed a practical annex notebook for the day-to-day life: Green Monday, Aspects to improve in the workplace, and other templates where employees can contribute with their ideas and track evolution. Understanding the company as a place of collaboration where everyone feels a real part of the team and adds to it.

The booklet was developed in two parts, adding the company’s decalogue outside in a separate booklet bound to the main one, so that it could be accessed easily at all times. The visible threaded book spine simbolizes the honest and transparent approach of Obbio. Instead of showing pictures of the store, Mayúscula highlighted the high quality and flavor of the products with cooked dishes and recipes using the corporate colors.