Taiwanese cosmetics brand Sannai 珊娜裔

Multilingual visual identity design for an european-oriental cosmetics brand located in Taiwan and Barcelona. Their products stand out in the market for integrating natural ingredients with molecular technology. The symbol mimics these unique attributes with a chemical compound made with plant leaves. The diagonal hexagonal shapes of the compound prevail in the construction of every Chinese character of the bilingual logotype, enhancing the differentiation and coherence of the brand.

The goal was to communicate effectiveness. The shape of the molecular Sannai compound impregnates all packaging, from the hexagonal diecut shapes of the modular cases to the diagonal lines of the pack labels. They feature a beautiful blind debossed corporate pattern that adds dimension and a luxurious texture. To keep costs sustainable, external cases are common to all products and are personalized with an adhesive label. A silver foil stamping in the mark adds a premium effect, enhancing the brand name.
In order to differenciate face creams from masks or serums, each product line features a different color scheme and a personalized silver pattern in the bottle.

Trilingual design
Sannai cosmetics sell in Spain, Taiwan and China. The bilingual logotype has been designed in latin alphabet for the European public and in Kanji under the name 珊娜裔 for the oriental audience, which facilitates the resgistration and protection of the trademark. The packaging includes trilingual information in Spanish, English and Chinese.