Masterclass and workshop in cross-cultural business strategies

Learning, Strategy, Workshop

Rocío Martinavarro, founder and creative director of Mayúscula, gave a masterclass and a workshop in cross-cultural business strategies to the students of International University of Catalonia within the Masters’s Degree in Architecture and Design Business Management.

The session, with participants from 16 nationalities such as India, Ecuador, Sweden, Italy, El Salvador, Argentina, Slovakia, Lebanon, Canadá, Russia, and Indonesia, focused on how business in a cross-cultural environment can leave good benefits to the local communities, focusing on sustainability and intercultural exchange. The masterclass emphasized how integrating strong CSR policies in a company’s DNA will be a must in the future business. The participants also took part in the creation of a collaborative mind map around the cross-cultural concept, aiming to follow mental association without judgement.

The final workshop provided a methodology to understand the features of the buyer persona of each participant’s country. The students discovered that the consumer habits between countries have only a 3% in common. At the same time, within the same country, the points in common reach the 45%. These results give information about the consumer habits of different markets, as well as suggesting that different marketing actions and design strategies should be followed to ensure comercial success.


During the workshop participants propose ideas on how to localize a product on their own countries with a main focus on actions guided by the corporate social responsibility of a company.

Some of the ideas that came up were focused on empowering women through their arts and crafts, participate in actions that raise environmental awareness, focus on local job creation, consider local business, child education awareness and making an accessible product to all.