VEOVEO, Vehículos Eléctricos de Ocasión

veoveo is the first Spanish company specialized in electric vehicles km0, pioneer in the installation and management of charge points for individuals and companies.

Mayúscula developed the whole branding project, including brand strategy, naming, architecture, identity or storytelling, among others.

The name is an acronym for Vehículos Eléctricos de Ocasión, working both in Catalan and Spanish. It also refers to veoveo, the game everyone of us has played in the car for endless hours (in English, I spy).

The brand concept
— Focus. It represents the light that illuminates the business vision, the road and direction in a clear and direct way. Convinced of the urgency of a change, we bet on a close relationship with the user.
— Rebel. In the form of revolution and denunciation, we generated a symbol with reminiscences to the megaphone in its most abstract form, to enhance and mark a firm and robust voice.
— Analytic. The triangle, emerged from the shape of the “V”, creates visual possibilities to create infographics, and represent a look & feel of brand.
— Overcoming. In a directional and growing form, the triangle empowers us with the value of enthusiasm, passion for living and for creating a better community, a better world.