Architecture based on scientific interfaces

BAD Built by Associative Data is a young international architectural company with several offices in Spain (Barcelona), Ireland (Dublin), and Lebanon (Beirut). His expanding list of international clients features ongoing projects located in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The BAD book explores the connection between digital technologies, parametric design, sustainable architecture and networked processes.

Mayúscula had developed the editorial design for BAD architects’ book, with a compilation of projects designed to be used as a commercial tool for new business. A portfolio in editorial format where customers can explore the possibilities and projection that BAD offers. 

Mayúscula had the challenge of representing the concepts of innovation, future and avant-garde in an editorial design. In order to do so, we chose a bold color palette of five inks with a fluorescent green that appears throughout the whole project, an association with the future in the collective imagination. 

On the other hand, the structure of the book and the cover reinforce the concept of futuristic and innovative design with a stepped visual index that goes from the front to the back of the book. The lines connect concepts and places while playing an important role as visual elements. This works as the main idea behind the book design, taking the connection between older projects and its locations as a key point.

The BAD book consists of two formats, the general portfolio in book format and a small booklet that explains what BAD is. This allows architects to deliver separately according to customer needs.

The selected typeface, a monospaced with a good reading performance in small sizes, enhances the concept of avant-garde when referring to a contemporary look.