About us

We are a branding and design studio focused on the creation of global and multilingual brands for start-ups, established companies and creative agencies in need of a partner. We help our customers tear down the barriers to competitiveness, whether expanding their business to emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Middle East or growing in developed markets like Europe

Brands need a big-thinking partner to stand out. That’s why we are called Mayúscula, Spanish for capital letter. Because we believe in going further, maximizing your full potential in a complex marketplace in constant state of flux.

Solid experience
Rocío Martinavarro, founder of Mayúscula, has 17 year of brand design experience. Over her career, she has designed for leading brands, including the Spanish Broadcast Corporation (RTVE), Qatar Rail, Red.es (Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade), Abertis Telecom, The World Bank Group, Deltatre, Carolina Herrera, Agility, PepsiCo, SEAT, Adif (Spanish Administrator of Railway Infrastructures), and “la Caixa”.

Cross-cultural team
Mayúscula’s global approach is reflected in its creative team. We build a bespoke international network of expert collaborators whom we partner with to meet the unique needs of each project.

Excellence standards

We are commited to excellence standards needed by global brands in terms of design quality, time efficiency, management transparency, accountability or production techniques, and at the same time, with experience in developing super flexible brand frameworks and designs that connect with users of different origins.

Sharing Knowledge

Our mission of helping brands go further drives us to participate in events and educational programs. Mayúscula gives lectures, workshops and master classes on topics ranging from global branding, multilingual design, internationalization, localization, transcreation and visual identity. Some examples include the OFFF Festival, CreaCities and the best design schools in Barcelona.


E Awards

TDC64. Certificate of Typographic Excellence for Across Borders, 2018.

Laus Awards. Silver award. Experimental typography for Across Borders, 2018. Bronze award. Logo design for Foresight, 2016. Bronze award. Poster design for Fedrigoni, 2015. Bronze award. Visual identity for Zeri Crafts, 2013. Bronze award. Wordmark for Zeri Crafts, 2013. Bronze award. Wordmark for Innergy, 2013. Bronze award. Naming for Mayúscula, 2013. Gold award. Wordmark for Matias Nadal, 2011. Bronze award. Visual identity for PanPan, 2010.

Dubai Lynx Awards. Bronze award. Visual identity for Zeri Crafts, 2013.

D&AD Awards. Bronze award. Wordmark for Matias Nadal, 2012.

Monocle Retail Stars. PanPan selected in best 25 international business of 2010.

U Exhibitions and Markets

TDC64. Exhibition traveling to countries like Spain, New Zealand, USA, Belgium, Seoul among others, 2018-2019.

Across Borders. An exhibition, a pop-up store and a set of short conferences. Barcelona, Spain, 2017.

OFFF Festival. Creativity & Multimedia festival. Barcelona, Spain, 2017.

Ing Creatives. Market. Dubai, 2016.

Good Paper Chain by Fedrigoni. Barcelona, Madrid & Portugal, 2014.

The Best Design of the Year, ADGFAD. Barcelona, 2014.

BCN-MCR. Manchester, UK, 2013

Art Of The Grand Depart - Yorkshire in Yellow. Sheffield Millennium Galleries, Sheffield, UK, 2013.

Laus Awards. ADGFAD, Barcelona, 2012.

Laus Awards. ADGFAD, Barcelona, 2010.

Cartográfica, Madrid diseña. Matadero, Madrid, 2010.

D Lectures

ADGTalk 19 Barcelona. Design vs Design. Discussion moderated by Rocío Martinavarro with David McFairline, Sascha Lobe and Óscar Germade.

Across Borders. International collective exhibition. Roc 35, Barcelona, Spain, 2017.

OFFF Festival. Creativity & Multimedia festival. Barcelona, Spain, 2017.

Blanc Festival. Barcelona, Spain, 2016.

Serifalaris. Graphic design festival. Getxo, Spain, 2015.

Tinglaos de Grafismo. Seeway, School of Design, Technology & Digital Communication. Barcelona, Spain, 2014.

BCN-MCR. Manchester, UK, 2013.

Poñer cousas en orde. La Normal, Galicia, Spain, 2010.

S Juries

44th Festa de la Verema of the Town Hall of Alella. Design Jury, 2018.

ADC*E Awards. Graphic Design Jury, 2014.

IDEP, School of Design and Multimedia. Graphic Design Degree Jury, 2014.

The Laus Awards. Graphic Design Jury, 2013.

N Teaching

Elisava, School of Design and Engyneering. Master's Degree in Branding, 2015. Design Management. Masterclass, 2015. Management of brands, 2015. Master's Degree in Commercial Space Design: Retail Design, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

IED, Istituto Europeo di Design. Barcelona, Spain, 2015—2017.

Seeway, School of Design, Technology & Digital Communication. Barcelona, Spain, 2012—2016.

H Clients

Spain Batllé i Roig. Architecture.
Can Gili Nou. Residential.
Casa Gracia. Hospitality.
Citizentral. Hospitality.
CreativeDiologues. Education.
Expo Hotels & Resorts. Hospitality.
Firma. Creative Agency (for PepsiCo).
Innergy. Industrial.
Jomar Investments. Financial.
Geobuilt. Real Estate.
Kriskadecor. Design.
Matias Nadal. Music.
Nadie. Creative Agency.
Neinver. Real Estate/Retail.
Obbio. Food & Retail.
PanPan. Food & Retail.
Puig Group. Fashion & retail.
Punto Consulting. Retail.
Remiand. Retail.
SEAT. Industrial.
Signes. Professional Services.
Stefano Colli. Architecture.
Summa. Creative Agency.
The Hipstel. Hospitality.
Wemories. Technology.
veoveo. Mobility.

Northern Europe Arts Square. Creative Agency.
Edenspiekermann (MN, Rabobank, Deltatre).
Laurence Bruyninckx. Luxury.

Middle East & Africa Agility. Global logistics and infrastructure.
BAD. Built by Associative data. Architecture, Lebanon.
Baku Aquatics Palace. Tourism, Azerbaijan.
Barcelona. Food & Retail, Lebanon.
Dhol Brothers, Music.
Foresight. Consultancy & Technology. Kuwait.
Qatar Rail. Industrial, Qatar.
Spears. Architecture, Lebanon.
The World Bank Group, Financial.
UIG. Real Estate, Lebanon.
Zeri Crafts. Design & luxury goods, Kuwait.

Asia Delta Electronics. Industrial.
Phoenix Village. Retail & Fashion.
Sannai. Cosmetics.

“Mayúscula has developed a methodology and guidebook to create a better brand. Awesome work!”.

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