Alhambra x Barcelona Design Week 2020 present Rocío Martinavarro of Mayúscula

Cross-cultural design, Cultural identity, Global, Solidary

Video interview to Rocío Martinavarro on the occasion of her participation in the Barcelona Design Week. In this video you can meet the founder of the design studio Mayúscula and director and organizer of Across Borders. A collaborative, intercultural and global design project that has connected 50 recognized designers, illustrators, calligraphers or typographers from 30 different countries, resulting in a collection of 30 posters that were exhibited at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, as part of the Barcelona Design Week.

Each poster is the result of the collaborative work between two designers. In its execution, physical, linguistic and cultural barriers have been overcome among them. The work base theme was borders and all the debate around them.


Bellow you can read an extract of the video interview.

BDW |  What is your favorite example of activism through design?

Rocío |  From Mayúscula we are participating in a very beautiful initiative called Creatives for the Future that is created by several agencies in Barcelona to put sustainability in the spotlight of the creative industry and its clients. Somehow we seek to make sustainability sexier to generate a massive impact on society

BDW |  How can design create a positive impact on society?

Rocío |  I believe that any designer can become an agent of change, transforming their area of influence. I believe that the real impact happens when you are able to inspire others to become active as well.

BDW |  What is your participation at Barcelona Design Week 2020?

Rocío |  This year we are going to present a non-profit, collaborative, intercultural and global initiative called Across Borders. In which we connect more than 50 designers from 30 different countries. What we seek is to celebrate cultural identity, diversity and multiplicity of points of view. This will be reflected in an exhibition of collaborative posters, and an immersive virtual reality experience were we connect a designer from London and another one in Barcelona.

BDW |  What is design?

Rocío |  Design is innovation.