FEED 2019: “Brands breaking borders” design conference


The DAG, Galician Design Association, celebrated the 5th edition of the biennial FEED 2019 forum, to publicize and share the experiences of design professionals, both Galician and national, who seek differentiation to reach an audience every time more demanding and with more personalized needs.

Rocío Martinavarro, founder of Mayúscula, participated in this design conference with a talk about “Brands breaking borders”, and design as a service to people and a catalyst for change. In a world increasingly diverse and cross-cultural, the talk focused on how the global market presents new opportunities and challenges for brands to innovate. She emphasized how designers can make a difference in the creation of a more human, responsible, sustainable and connected world, not only with their own actions, but by working for clients in industries that have the power to make a big difference. She spoke about global branding through Mayúscula’s case studies, and how brands can weave their brand into the cultural fiber of local societies to empower and preserve cultural identity.