Shopping mall The Style Outlets Sevilla

Corporate and modular wayfinding and signage system for the shopping center The Style Outlets Sevilla, based on the wayfinding system previously designed for Coruña . Based on an existing visual identity, consisting of triangles strips and a corporate color for each center, we have worked a solution that highlights the information on a black background, relegating colors to a second level on bevels and sign sides. The triangle is enhanced as the main element and transferred to all sign typologies: in bevels for positional and directional ceiling and wall signs, in a triangular prism for corporate totems, on the coronation of floor totems, or in custom pictograms. The project was developed to be applied in all TSO establishments in Spain: Coruña, Getafe, Las Rozas (Madrid), San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid), Viladecans and Sevilla.

Wayfinding system, signage plan, product design and industrial development of the signs.

Collaboration: Signes , Contemporain (Estudio Lázaro Rosa Violán)