Brand identity for a healthy food delivery service

Welthy is a new real food delivery service, that helps to achieve personal objectives through different nutritional plans designed by their chef and nutritionist.

Mayúscula has designed a vibrant identity based on the idea of transition and transformation, to represent the physical goals you can accomplish with Welthy, such as slimming down or getting strong.

To represent this idea we created a dynamic logo set in Fixture type, that mixes a variety of weights and changes from bold to slim and vice versa. The visual system also reinforce this concept of transformation using a pattern of lines that variate in thickness which allows a very versatile application.

Mayúscula also developed a series of applications such as business cards, brochures, flyers, order summary and a whole set of packaging composed by different sizes of trays, glasses, juice bottles and delivery bags. 

The packaging has a particular labelling system, based on a “check list” scheme which allows an easy and flexible way to identify which type of meal and which menu it refers to. This solution enables a quicker and economic way to label every dish. To reinforce Welthy’s main values of natural real food we chose compostable trays and cutlery, recycled paper and all promotional material was produced in certified FSC paper. 

Welthy also trusted Mayúscula to work hand in hand with the interior designer to guarantee the coherent application of the identity in the retail space.To generate premium content for digital and social media ecosystems and off-line applications, Mayúscula make the art direction for the photoshoot of the store and for Welthy’s menus.

Welthy’s web was also designed by Mayúscula, an interesting challenge, as this particular service has a multi-delivery system, versus the classical “one delivery” food services. We help define the whole process of purchase, navigation and functionalities to aid users interact with the platform in an easy way.

The result is a beautiful, simple and intuitive website, both for the client and the final customers.