Rebranding a 200 years old luxury jewelry brand

Mayúscula designed the new bilingual visual identity and the brand architecture of Buhijji a 200+ year old brand of high end jewelry in Bahrain.

The new identity revives the traditional arabic style but with a modern and stylish look. The symbol of the brand is made with a geometric hexagon that resemble subtly Arabic patterns. It becomes a monogram with the B letter of Buhijji in the two alphabets, latin and arabic. It is also inspired by the shapes of knotted kufi, creating a stencil monogram that is also very contemporary. The traditional ornamentation of the style has been modernized to create a very distinct symbol that is contemporary yet rooted in heritage.

For the word mark we decided to go forward with the same geometric approach to match the kufi style of the symbol. Angular shapes and soft curves that link visually the latin and Arabic version.

Services for Buhijji include: visual identity, brand consultancy, brand architecture, corporate stationary and thank you cards.