UPNDO, a brand for social change

UPNDO is a new global brand born in Dubai that connects individuals, companies and NPOs by transforming people’s physical movement into social and environmental change. The innovative App captures the users movement from their Health Kits and transforms it into monetary value that the person can donate to their favorite NPOs.

Mayúscula developed the new visual identity for UPNDO and created an energetic and vibrating visual language for the brand. The concept is based in the meaning of the name UPNDO, which means love in Swahili, and is based also in the concept of the Ripple Effect in order to convey the pulse of sports, the heartbeat and the effect personal deeds have on society.

The symbol of the brand is designed by the intersection of the letters U+P creating the shape of a heart that symbolize love. While the visual system, made by variable lines, recalls the human pulse of sports, the electrocardiogram graph and also recall the orography of the terrain (ocean waves, mountains, valleys…), making the link with nature and health.