Wayfinding for new Doha districts by Qatar Rail

Qatar Rail is overseeing the construction of Qatar’s multi-billion dollar state-of-the-art integrated rail network. The planned national network will unify all railway in Qatar and will be connected to neighbouring countries to create the region’s first fully integrated rail system. By combining traditional elements with modern features, these programs will generate the region’s most comfortable, reliable, and safe railway system.

Mayúscula, in collaboration with SIGNES, is designing the urban wayfinding for two of the new districts in Doha by Qatar Rail. The districts include destinations such as metro stations, mosques, a hospital, schools, offices, parking areas, shopping centers, a boulevard, and residences, among others. In the bilingual wayfinding and signage system (Arabic and English), we are taking into consideration parameters such as Doha’s specific climate as well as local considerations of the traditional and contemporary architecture and culture.

We hope we can show our project soon.