One Independence Square Beirut Building

Mayúscula developed the logo and fence of One Independence Square – a premium retail and luxurious office space based in Beirut, Lebanon, designed by BAD – Built by Associative Data Architects with OAB, Carlos Ferrater & Vicente Guallart.

Mayúscula also designed a custom-made stencil typeface, inspired on the veriticality and linearity of the building structure creating a graphic link that makes it easier for the user to remember. It also has a contemporary and fresh look & feel.

The fence provides a modular structure to organize the information and add hierrarchy to the main content. Typography plays an importante role being not only communicative but graphic as well, in order to increase brand recognition and enhance the fence visibility and legibility. The special logotype was able to provide to the customer a brand recall and a sigh essence of identity. The commercial fence turns into a communicative fence introducing the new building to the city of Beirut.