Bilingual logo for Kuwaiti business advisors

Bilingual logo for Foresight (Kuwait), offering business advisory and technology services. They offer analysis for decision-making, strategic thinking and organizational transformation through data analysis and technology.

The proposal is a letter F symbol integrating concepts such as transformation, analysis, technology, evolution, direction and growth. The symbol logo combines well with Arabic, English and multilingual logos for the mother brand and their subbrands.

Symbol that boosts the company’s business vision and brand strategy: business transformation through data analysis and technology. The symbol can create dynamic patterns symbolizing growth and transformation. Being primarilya technological and digital brand, its design allows the development of motion graphics easily.



“Since Mayuscula made us the visual identity we can introduce ourselves with a very clear identity. In addition, the new logo has helped us to define our image and distinguish us from competitors.”

Alessandro Magnoli, CEO of Foresight