Futureast Investments

Rebranding proposal for Asiya Investments, an Emerging Asia specialist investment firm, providing a gateway for capital flows to growing markets in Asia. Asiya builds paths for investment opportunities between the Arab world and high growth emerging Asian countries.

The verbal identity
The naming Futureast’s pronuntiation can lead to the word “futurist”. This word conveys the values of a visionary character, a pioneer, a company that has the right interpretation of the market. The naming had to facilitate the pronunciation and remembrance by all audiences in a common language (English), embrace all territories in Asia without exception, and facilitate the company’s ability to attract clients from outside Kuwait. A unique brand name facilitates the registration task and have the internet .com domain free or for sale, very important for a company operating in different markets. Futureast uses an emotional language to explain a very rational concept. It’s about the creating richness, emerging values and succesful business. Furthermore, it positions the brand as an expert in the field –pure Asia focus.

The naming formula can be used in infinite ways to create other alternatives for names of investment products: Experteast, Vitaleast, Idealeast, Pensioneast, Pacifieast, Mutualeast, Urbaneast, Pureast, and so on. We also created a product name family after gemstones from Asia. Gemstones are precious and semiprecious stones found inside the earth. They symbolize natural wealth. Products can be named depending on their cathegoryand exclusivity (ie. emerald vs. Tiger’s eye). Lapis Lazuli Fund, Blue Quartz Trust, Sapphire Capital, Emerald Program, Pearl Fund, Alexandrite Assets, Ruby Project, Agate Fund.

The claim “Business in the right direction” positions the brand as an expert in the field –pure Asia focus– where there is little competition. It points in the right direction, geographically, being an exercise on territorial sensitivity.

The identity and brand architecture
The mark is composed by a logotype and an F monogram featuring an arrow which represents both the direction followed by investments (from the Gulf to Asia) and the direction of profitable ventures. The arrow symbolizes the benefits of investments and positive indexes in the markets, and it’s color expresses growth and soothing sustainability. This color is counterbalanced by a solid, serious dark silver color that conveys leadership, trust for clients and ties the innovative brand to the financial world. The serif typography chosen Mercury is modern, delicate and serious at the same time. It has many typographical features that would help the brand’s financial communication: various sets of monospaced numerals, monetary symbols or fractions.