Modernizing the Khaleej’s crafts heritage in Kuwait

Textile collection designed for Zeri Crafts, a concept brand from Kuwait selling textiles and homewares, branded by Mayúscula.

Aligned with the visual identity, the design for Zeri’s textiles is also inspired in the Sadu Bedouin patterns. The modularity of the elements is constructed with half-square triangles, from the Z of the brand symbol that is then used to create all the patterns.

In order to create a flexible system to handprint the motifs on the linen cloths, we designed a serie of six wood blocks with different Sadu decorations that could be easily combined to create infinite patterns to apply to all the products.

The result is a design frame to develop different collections of hand-printed woodblock linens, with items as varied as Midkhar linen covers, Hanbaliya napkins, Tilal table runners, Qa’ada cushions and floor cushions, or Failaka tablecloths. The textiles, created by skillful artisans, are rich in culture, yet subtle and modern in design.⁠

All these items can be bought directly through Zeri Crafts.