“Rewind and play again” packaging

Packaging design for the new Springfield fragrances “Rewind & play again” by Grupo Puig, a lifestyle and fashion company with total sales of €1,933 million in 2018. The two perfumes represent two different musical worlds visually distinguished with colors, materials and design. 

Our work is inspired by vintage cassette graphics, old photography and chromatic tone. We appeal to memories and nostalgia to connect with the target, using a vintage style in a contemporary way. Sunrise and sundown are used as a parallelism between pop and disco music.

The perfume bottle, with the shape of a cassette, has great personality and a strong visual impact and that’s why we decided to leave it highly visible in the front of the box trough an open window.

Furthermore, a reference to music is made by the graphics that represents the sound from an equalizer. A visual element that creates an immediate connection between user, packaging and music, without losing the idea of fragrance. We choose an iridescent finish to convey festivity, fun and also to make a link to discos and music.