Breaking borders through collaborative design at the Barcelona Design Week 2020

Cross-cultural design, Global, Self-initiated, Solidary

Across Borders is a global, collaborative and intercultural initiative created by May.scula design studio, which believes in design as a tool to break borders and create a positive impact on society. In a world in witch 272 million people live outside their countries of origin, Across Borders vindicates our cultural identity, diversity and wide variety of points of view, analyzing in depth our differences and similarities through design. Borders are meeting points, not barriers; crossroads where we can all meet to imagine a better destiny.

In its second edition, Across Borders has connected 50 recognized designers, illustrators, calligraphers or typographers from 30 different countries, resulting in a collection of 30 posters that will be exhibited from November 17 to 29 at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, as part of the Barcelona Design Week.

Each poster is the result of the collaborative work between two designers. In its execution, physical, linguistic and cultural barriers have been overcome among them. The work base theme was borders and all the debate around them.

The participants include Tina Touli, Asuka Watanabe, Irene Pereyra (Anton & Irene), Lupi Asensio (TwoPointsNet), Maria Montes, Maria Fabuel (Domestic Data Streamers), Roc.o Martinavarro, Kaoru Akagawa, Nadine Chahine, Rendani Nemakhavhani, Jing Wei , Dora Balla, Rachel Joy Price or Camila Rosa, among others.

The resulting posters from this collaborative work can be purchased online on the Across Borders website HERE . The artworks online will help raise funds for the acquisition of Dignity Kits ( basic feminine hygiene products and underwear) for Syrian refugee women in Lebanon.


The poster production is quite special and atypical.
Most posters have been printed in HP Indigo with special inks (CMYK + Pantone + Fluor pink). Others present uncommon finishes for posters, such as laser cutting and foil stamping on massive surfaces, more typical of luxury graphic applications.




No borders, just horizons. Frontiers becoming meeting points.

We wanted to brake the borders of the exhibition space bringing the art and design to the streets. With the help of Marc Martí we choose some public advertising columns in Barcelona, called pirulís, to display some of the Across Borders collaborations around the city.