A Good Plan: a do-it-yourself brand planner

A good plan is planner designed and published by Mayúscula, that makes visible the invisible behind creative processes: the concepts, the creative strategy and the analysis for decision making. It comes in the form of a booklet, and it can be expanded into branding workshops, lectures, projects and master classes. The notebook is arranged into four parts: ideas (sketch pages), planning, strategy and identity, covering the branding process, from business goals to brand launch. In total, 128 pages with more than 40 different strategic tools and templates that become a route map and inspire brands to be different, innovative, intelligent, effective and efficient.

A good plan is multilingual, displaying English, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish at the same level. It’s targeted to branding connoisseurs and amateurs alike worldwide, selling through Mayúscula’s online shop and international distributors. Up to now, there is nothing like A good plan in the market, let alone in these languages. Therefore, it’s highly valuable to a multicultural community.


Calling 'agenda' to the latest creation of the guys from Mayúscula would be a gross understatement

Foxize, Advance School of Digital Business

Mayúscula has developed a methodology and guidebook to create a better brand. Awesome work!

Adobe Nederland

A good plan is an excellent tool for non-designers within companies to approach complex problems from a Design Thinking / Brand Driven perspective. It helps navigate through the layers of cross-discipline analysis that are fundamental for attaining relevant and differentiated solutions. It is a tool that definitely helps bring out the most of any project manager

Andrea Arrieta. Customer & Innovation Director at Firma

A Good Plan brings together more than 40 tools and templates useful for understanding the goals and desires of the client, and to organize the process of creating a brand

IL magazine, Idee & Lifestyle del Sole 24 Ore

“A good plan helps you drive your brand further with 42 strategic branding tools and templates divided into four multilingual booklets: creativity, planning, strategy and identity. Talk to us if you wish to develop A good plan for your brand, book a lecture, workshop or masterclass.”.