ADG FAD interviewed Rocío Martinavarro about the 2nd edition of Across Borders

Cross-cultural design, Self-initiated, Solidary

On the occasion of the inauguration of the 2nd edition of Across Borders, ADG FAD interviewed the founder of Mayúscula studio and architect of the project Across Borders.

Rocío Martinavarro speaks about this collaborative project with solidarity purposes that understands design as a tool for social transformation. An international and crosscultural design project that has connected 50 recognized designers, illustrators, calligraphers or typographers from 30 different countries.

She answer questions such as where the idea came from, how to manage and to coordinate a collaborative project, why this edition has only women as principal participants, how to erase boundaries between the physical, digital and virtual world trough a Live Virtual Reality Painting that connected Soraya Syed from London, and Tatiana Halbach from Desilence from Barcelona to create a collaborative work, and about the objective of raising funds for the acquisition of Dignity Kits for refugee women in Lebanon.

You can find the full interview in ADG FAD News

“Borders are not just physical, they are psychological. We often limit ourselves but also others by how we project our biases or prejudices onto them. The Spanish proverb, 'The tree is known by its fruit, not by its roots' expresses perfectly and timelessly a positive way forward. As we each navigate our individual lives it seems we operate separately and independently from one another but at the end of the day, we are all just together connected in this one unique and precious world”.